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Clipsal C-Bus® Medium Luxury Home $20,000 - 50,000 Inc GST Other options

Clipsal C-Bus® Medium Luxury Home

$20,000 - 50,000 Inc GST and installation
Pricing is indicative and supplied by EcoXperts

*Dependent on your needs of the fully customisable feature rich system

Smart app and set up

Smart app and set up

Voice control

Voice control

Saturn Zen eDLT

Saturn Zen eDLT

If you want to get the most out of your home, then the Clipsal C-Bus Medium Luxury Package is going to be perfect for your new-build or mid-sized renovation project. This complete home automation solution gives you unlimited control. You could automate your lighting, air conditioning, multi-room audio, windows, blinds, home theatre, irrigation, keyless entry and home security – just about everything under your roof AND even the things you didn’t know were possible to control until now. And bigger doesn’t mean it’s more complicated.

Your Integrator will be able to set “scenes” or schedules, so that multiple features can be turned on/off at the touch of a single button. Your Clipsal Integrator will also give you a run-down about what to choose and how you can customise this easy-to-use, complete home automation system to suit your family’s daily needs.

Included in Package

  1. Scenes set up

    These customised scenes will trigger commands to suit your lifestyle, such as preferred lighting levels, security settings, appliances and home audio.

  2. Schedules

    These customised schedules can be to set up to control your smart electrical hardware. Each device can be scheduled (individually or in a group with other hardware), so you can turn all on/off at the push of a single button.

  3. Smart Voice

    Just like something you’d see in a Bond film, you’ll have the ability to talk to your home, via the smart voice platform. You’ll have complete control of your C-Bus enabled devices, using your voice and third-party products like Google Home.

  4. Lighting Control

    You’ll be able to control lighting in rooms and zones, using simple commands from your smartphone or tablet. Your integrator can also program your lighting based on seasons, occasions, weekdays and weekends.

  5. Sensors

    The most energy-efficient way to light your home, because the lights only come on where and when you need them. Settings include level of natural lighting, movement, temperature and humidity.

  6. Garage Door/ Front Gate Control

    You’ll be able to let your guests in without leaving the kitchen! Simply use your eDLT or smart device to open the front gate and door, while you’re taking the Sunday roast out of the oven.

  7. Multi Room Audio Visual Control

    Play your favourite music in core living and entertaining areas, or right throughout your home! It’s completely scalable and can be controlled through your eDLT or smart device.

  8. Your choice of Switch Plates

    Because finishing touches matter, you’ll have a huge range of other wall switches to best suit your luxury home. Choose from Clipsal Saturn, Saturn Horizon, Saturn Zen, or any other Wall Switch range that you like.

  9. Security and CCTV Control

    You’ll have so many security options, including external lighting on motion detectors, security cameras, keyless entry for occupants and even a simple way to disarm your alarm system as your garage roller door opens.

  10. Heating Cooling Control

    For more efficient operation, your C-Bus system includes thermostats, timers and sensors to monitor blinds, fans and ducted heating/cooling units. Your heating and cooling systems won’t turn on until the surrounding outside temperatures reach a certain level. Or if you leave the house, simply press “Leaving Home” on your eDLT, to turn everything off at once. When you’re returning, simply pre-heat/pre-cool via your smartphone, so you have your home just the way you like before you walk in the door.

  11. Energy Management

    The mobile app allows you to measure and monitor your consumption from anywhere and at any time of the day -- all you’ll need is an Internet connection, then you’ll have round-the-clock surveillance of your energy usage.

  12. Hydronic Heating

    Getting out of bed on a cold morning won’t seem so bad, with C-Bus. It will deliver wonderful, warm floors and toasty towel rails, through hydronic heating.

  13. C-Bus eDLT

    Add these user-friendly, high-resolution colour screens to match or complement your interior décor! They are the most advanced wall switches on the market and will provide seamless operation of your C-Bus system throughout your home.

  14. Intercom

Optional Extras

  1. Wiser Link Option

    Wiser Link is a mobile app and a web-based app for PCs, which connects you to your electricity, gas and water. You can measure and monitor your energy consumption 24/7, anywhere you have an Internet connection. It provides real peace of mind, alerting you if there's an outage or leakage, or if you're using too much energy.

  2. Push Controls Option

    Push brings the control of your home’s devices, systems and appliances (irrespective of brand) to one easyto- use device, giving you the ability to control lighting, audio visual, climate, security, blinds, multi-media and energy management. This means you can operate your home technology with just the push of a button, giving you greater connectivity, simplicity, comfort and control in the home.